Friday, May 28, 2010


Sorry I kinda dropped off the face of the planet. So much has been going on since the last blog, new jobs, and moving, so many things, I can't even begin to try and recall it all.

Not too much on the jaw-front. My jaw is nice and in place, I still feel that my upper lip is tight, and sometimes, my smile too "gummy", but other than that, and on rare occasion some soreness or puffiness in my mid-face, I feel pretty much normal!

I will have to take some of my update style pictures, but for now, here's a current pic: I've let my hair grow out, it really has been a long time! haha


holski said...

Lookin' great Kam!!! =)

Jojo said...

Very cute ! Thanks for your post it helps me a lot on 25 and had a underbite and got lower jaw surgery I didn't know what I was in for your blog really helps a lot. How long did it take before the swelling went down? Also how long did it take for you to feel your bottom lip again?

Michelle said...

Hey pretty lady! I miss you and all the fun we shared during our journey together. I'll always look back at our blogs with fondness. I hope you're doing well.

Big hugs,

Joel said...

You look so cute and better than your previous photos. I'm very happy to hear about your improvement, though it took you a long time before posting again.

I'll be visiting a cosmetic dentist (Chicago-based) this week for my dental checkup. Since I had been to a cosmetic dentistry (Chicago-based) procedure, it has been my habit to look on different blogs and read their stories. I hope to have my own journey published as well. Hope you'd read it!

holski said...

Hi kam,

I need to ask you some questions about your lipectomy. Can you send me your email? I'm .

Hope you read this!! :)


holski said...

Hi Kam,

I wrote you an email, but I'm not sure if it got to you or not. Anyway, just wanted to ask you about your chin neck fat sucking procedure (submental lipectomy?). I have decided to get surgery in the states and the doc has recommended this for me.

Was it worth it for you? What kind of trouble are you experiencing with the recovery?

Hope you're well and I look forward to hearing back.


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