Friday, May 28, 2010


Sorry I kinda dropped off the face of the planet. So much has been going on since the last blog, new jobs, and moving, so many things, I can't even begin to try and recall it all.

Not too much on the jaw-front. My jaw is nice and in place, I still feel that my upper lip is tight, and sometimes, my smile too "gummy", but other than that, and on rare occasion some soreness or puffiness in my mid-face, I feel pretty much normal!

I will have to take some of my update style pictures, but for now, here's a current pic: I've let my hair grow out, it really has been a long time! haha

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, I'm almost 6 months post surgery, and it finally happened- I got my first post-surgery cold.

Sneezing, congestion, sore throat and sniffling and yuck, yuck, yuck.

It hit me REALLY hard, I was pretty miserable for a good 4 days, and even though I'm feeling much better, I still get a sniffle here and a cough there. However, I feel that I'm really fortunate. If this thing had hit me sooner, I don't think I could take it.
I mean, with the Lefort I it's like your entire sinus cavity is COMPLETELY changed. I still get a little snoreness in my mid-face, even without a cold, so I'm SO glad that I had healed up enough where I could blow my nose (gently, of course!) and deal with the pain of congestion.
Sinus Cavity- Before & After:

In other, much nicer, news: my Mo-Mo, Daddio, and lil' brother Clay are visiting me and my sister this weekend! It's really nice having them over, my dad and I repaired my car then later tonight we got all fancied-up and went to dinner. It was great! First time we all went out like that since the night before my surgery.

However, everyone is sick, especially my dad. Ooooh I don't want to get sick again!! I hope I don't re-catch anything.
That's about all for now!! And here's today's recovery picture:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yes! They're off! Actually, they've been off, for a while now. I was actually keeping my de-bracing secret for when I came home to my mom- she was SO SURPRISED!

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated my blog. I've been at my parent's for the holidays, so just getting the chance to sit in front of the computer, and taking and uploading pictures is kinda hard. (This is actually an older picture of when the braces just came off.)

It's so nice to not have braces on, being able to floss and brush, and eat, and everything feels so much more free. My orthodontist office gave me some laffy taffy and runts afterward.. I found that kinda funny, because I could'nt eat it anyway due to my jaw. I am totally jealous of Rachel's orthodontist.. flowers and cake after jaw surg and braces?! *envy envy* ;D

My neck still feels sore.. and there's lumps of scar tissue and bumps here and there, but I just need to be patient and wait for the final result. Who knows, maybe my face will catch up to my neck!
My face still gets it's uber puffy moments. Honestly, sometimes I get really embarrassed of some pictures taken of me. It just doesn't look right sometimes, like my cheeks are unrealistically cherub like and I can still *feel* some of the swelling in my face. (Some pictures come out fine, but others just leave me thinking "What is that? Me?") I just hope it does improve and this isn't how it will be forever. It's already been 6 months, though, and most people I see are "so past the puff" at that time, but I can be patient too.

Just recently I had every post-braces person's nightmare- My retainer was thrown away.
I have an Essix retainer, and usally before eating, I rinse it out then sit it on a napkin to dry. Well, that night, I fell asleep on the couch without it, and the following morning I was looking for it so I would wear it during the day instead.

My retainer was missing.

It was cold.

It was raining.

It was garbage day.

So, after looking around the house franticly, I beat the garbage truck and brought the cold, soaking trash back to the house. It looked like an animal had gotten into the garbage overnight, so I had hoped that no racoon had dental problems, thus stole my retainer.
I also called the orthodontist before diggind through the decomposing mess. They said it would take a week and nearly $200 for a new retainer! UGH! It couldn't get any worse! The essix retainer is made out of a plastic similar to soda bottle plastic. How in the world do they charge $200 for a new one?!
I dug through the trash, no luck. It was so cold and gross that I couldn't go much further, so I waited until the day got a little better.
That afternoon, my mom came home with gloves and my mom, dad, and I (C.S.I.- Dental) dug through the rest of the muck... nothing..

until-- My dad pulls out my retainer! We had just missed it from the garbage that must have fallen out of the bag when the animal got into it!

Now, after many cleanings, my retainer and I are now happily reunited. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I just had my second appointment with Dr. Leibold today. He says things looked great!
The bruising has gotten a little worse, but the pain is mostly gone. My neck is just sore, and it's uncomfortable to move my lower face/lips. (I get these weird little sharp pains.)
I no longer have to wear my mummy/nun bandages during the day, just in the evening and when I sleep.
So far, I'm really happy with the way things look! I'm excited to see how things will look in a couple weeks from now!

Here's my before surgery/ 1 week after surgery pic:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feeling a little better!

Day 1 -3 I felt pretty miserable. I have to wear my "the mummy returns" bandages for about 2 weeks post-surgery (week 1 24/7, week 2 12/7)
That's my day one "What did I just get myself into?" face.

Day 1 & 2 there was a huge amount of pain, everything hurt, my head and neck, and body. Then I got sick and nauseous off of the vicodin. I was not a happy camper. Day 2 I saw Dr. Leibold, he said things looked good and I have an appointment for next week, so I'm eager to see how I am in the next couple of weeks.

Day 3 was a little better, ibuprofen was fine to use. It still hurt a LOT to swallow, or move, or to do much of anything, so I just sat around all day watching tv.

It's now day 4 after surgery, and I'm feeling much better, but still in a large amount of pain. Mostly it's due to my not being able to move and stretch my neck, so there's a lot of tension pain in my neck and back. Swallowing isn't brutally painfull anymore, but it's still very uncomfortable.

Occasionally when I move my face, or something, I get theses sharp pains in my neck, like the muscles hurt, or there's an invisible string being pulled on from the inside of my skin. Also, it feels like I kind of have a bad sunburn.

I really hope all the money and pain will be worth it for the final result. Here was my before surgery/day 1 after surgery pictures. You can't see a huge difference, since I am still pretty swollen and I can't extend my neck comfortably, but it gives you a little idea.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had my "Lipo-sculpture" today. I had NO idea how much pain I'd be in. It feels like I'm constantly being punched and stabbed in the neck.
I woke up from the anesthesia and the back of my hair was covered in blood.

I thought the most painful thing would have been the price tag. ;) but this, surprisingly, is more painful than the pain I experienced with jaw surgery, and even getting my wisdom teeth removed.

I hope the pain doesn't last long. I'll provide lots of pictures later when I can, but for now, just about everything I do hurts to do so I'm off to go back to bed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A question for those who have had upper jaw surgery (Lefort 1)

I am at 13 weeks today. These are the "problems" I'm still having and I want to know if these are similar to anyone else who has had upper jaw advancement. Theses are things I haven't heard discussed much, so I hope I'm not alone.

- The roof of my mouth is still sensitive. If I put pressure on it (with my tounge or something) It feels almost like there is a soft spot it kind of feels "ticklish" and it makes the inside of my nostril feel itchy.

- The muscles in my mid face are still twitchy. When I try to wrinkle my nose it spasms and feels uncomfortable.

- I don't think my incision has fully healed yet. it feels fine on the sides, but the area in the front of my mouth looks a little.. strange. I'm not sure if it's normal, or there just wasn't the best job done on my stitches, but here's a picture to describe what I mean. Only in the front, it looks like there are little pockets or something. It also feels irritated when the doctors slide their finger around it (like it gets in and slices across the "pockets")

-Also as far as everthing goes, the right side of my face is SOO much better than the left. Everything is less swollen, but even stranger, I can eat better on that side, whereas on the left, it still feels strange to eat on that side at all.

That's all!! (for now, haha) Pleaase share any insight on how your healing was at 13 weeks. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mo-Mo Weekend 2

It's another Mo-Mo weekend! It is great to see my mom again since surgery! She came to town Friday afternoon and we went to dinner at La Madeline. I figured it would be a good place to go, since I can eat soup and pasta like a pro now. And I actually managed to eat the tomato & cheese croissant pretty easily! My momma' and sister where patient as I made my way through the meal. And it was just so great to enjoy dinner, have great conversation, and a lot of laughs. :)

On Saturday we were "out and about" the whole day! We went to a tile company so my sister could get some samples for her Interior Design project. I wanted to go to the opening of the new Jo-Ann Fabrics store. We got a cute metal pumpkin sign to hang on my front door, and some other Halloween decor (they were insanely well priced) and I stocked up on hotglue sticks (which, it sounds funny that I would be so excited over that, but I got 40 HUGE sticks for only $2, which would probably cost me $14 normal priced.) Yeah, I use a lot of hot glue in my projects, so I was stoked. My mom thinks I must be the easiest person to please.

We went to the mall so I could pick up a pair of pants I had purchased earlier, and then we went to Gringo's for dinner. I saw James, a waiter that me and my sister are really familiar with and he didn't even think it was me at first. He said he couldn't be sure when he saw me, but came over because he recognized my sister. He said Stina and I used to look exactly alike and now we look totally different from each other.
This is similar to another experience I had at my orthodontist. Even though I don't think my sister an I look exactly alike, everyone always thinks we're twins. When we went to schedule another appointment one day, one of the ladies there said "Oh, you want to schedule ppointments at the same time- are y'all really good friends or something?"
"We're sisters."
"Oh really?"
(then the other lady comes up from behind us who has only seen me before surgery)
"Oh they're twins!"
"No, haha, we're just sisters"

it just makes me kind of anxious of how different I really look. I see me when I look in the mirror, but the moment I smile or if I see myself from far away I don't really see me.
I worry about what is actual change and what is just swelling or lack of movement in my mid face.

Bah! I'm ranting again.

Anyway, the weekend was great regardless, and I miss my mom already! She's so enjoyable to have around. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

11 Weeks

I can't believe it's been 11 weeks since surgery!

So far- Eating soft foods easily.
Still weird to yawn. It is very tight and uncomfortable.
When I wrinkle my nose it spasms and is uncomfortable.
Area in the cheeks and around the nose and the nose is still swollen.
Skin is still rebellious and oily since surgery.
I still have a slight over-bite. I kind of figured it would have moved back a little by now like they said it would. hmm.

A couple days ago, I had a Chinderella moment. It looked like the mid-line in my upper jaw was going slightly to the left. When I put a ruler down the center of my nose and upper lip, it looked as it it had shifted 1-2mm to the left. After I went to the Orthodontist this tuesday, I asked him and he gave me a single diagonal band, and the problem has completely dissapeared, so that's good.
I get my (hopefully last) wire in two weeks. I'm excited being done with braces. Hopefully they will be off by Christmas!

I finally saw Dr. Largent (the resident who performed my surgery) today! It was the first time he had seen me since surgery. I was really surprised to see him, so it was nice. Unfortunately, Leibold wasn't there, nor were the digital projections that I was hoping to see. I was under the impression that was the only real reason I was going in, but it's ok because seeing Dr. Largent was worth it. He said he was very happy with my result, and the my surgery went as good as it gets.
I asked him about this "soft spot" on the left side roof of my mouth that I feel sometimes while drinking out of a straw or when I swallow certain foods when it presses against the roof of my mouth. It comes and goes so I really hadn't thought to ask about it until now. He looked at me a little puzzled. He response was mostly "huh. that's weird." and that was the end of it! So, I guess it's nothing too serious. Have any of you ortho-bloggers experienced this phantom soft spot?

I think it's funny when the doctors ask if I'm happy with my result.. like.. how do I respond to that? I usually respond with a positive and reassuring "Yeah! I love it!" but I'm kinda thinking ".. after my weird nose goes back to normal, my face is no longer puffy, and I regain motion in my mid-face... THEN we'll see if I'm happy."

Here's today's recovery pic:

And be sure to wish Holly a safe and smooth procedure, because she's getting her second jaw surgery tomorrow! Good luck Holly! Second times a charm!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Regrets

I saw the OS today. It had been a while since he went on vacation. I accomplished a lot while he was away, though! :D

First, I went to the dentist! I was anxious due to my tender incision area, but the people at my dentist office are amazing, and it was a gentle cleaning. And I finally had those nasty peridex stains removed!
I asked if they had any pictures or x-rays of me before braces, and if they wouldn't mind emailing them to me. So, vola, I've updated the pre-surgery photos gallery. Now, I haven't been in braces long, just over a year, but I guess I forgot what my teeth looked like. That being said, I don't have any regrets about this whole crazy process. If I had the option of going back, I would do it over again. I'm only a little impatient about the healing, since my face is still very tight feeling and my nose is just doing weird things. Like... one notril is bigger than the other, the tip, and sometimes it looks lopsided. so.. I'm a bit eager to *hopefully* see it go back to the way it was, I've got no clue what it is doing at the moment.

On a semi-related topic, sharing pictures in my gallery is an interesting thing. I'm never been a teeth-smiler and I was never happy with the way my teeth looked, I'd love to get them whitened after braces, and I had that whole underbite thing going for me.. So, normally, I would never share those kinds of pictures with anyone, but for some reason, blogging to you guys, I feel very safe and connected. And to all the orthobloggers- I think you are some of the bravest people to share your journeys with us.

Back to today's adventure at the OS: We took my first batch of post-surgery x-rays. It's really neat to see the difference of the position of the jaws, also, the new hardware. It's sooo.. !! A mix between weird, cool, scifi, neat, crazy, and wow.

We also spoke about the chin/neck thing. I told him I wasn't really interested in the chin implant, but was interested in the lipo. I asked if they had computer imaging, so that maybe I could see for myself before things are concrete. Leibold said they didn't have it at the school, but he had it at his own practice and he would input the information here, and share the results with me the next time I come in.

Speaking to my parents about this is upsetting. I feel like, by wanting this, I'm vain or frivolous and this is something completely unnecessary. Plus, the cost, $860 is a lot of money. I don't expect her to pay for it. I've never spent that much on anything in my life, I'm an avid saver, and to spend so much on something like that makes me feel like it could go to better use. My dad says I should wait until I get a job- which makes no sense to me "Oh, hi, I just started work. I need to take a week off so I can get some crap sucked out of my neck, k, thanks." I've got time to heal right now, this is really my only chance to get this done if I'm going to before I enter into a career.
Speaking to my mom is a little frustrating, I don't think the doctors would call me a good candidate if it was unnecessary. I don't think my neck is fat, I just want a little definition. And I don't think it's unreasonable. And I think that is better than having an implant or having bone cut. I feel so torn up about it, I don't know what to do.

That is about all for now, thanks for listening to my rants and raves! Here's today's recovery pic. (can you tell by all the pictures that I have a favorite shirt? hehe)